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That proverbial second set of eyes on the words you write regularly for a set monthly rate.


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I’m an experienced writer and editor who has been helping people wield words with intention for over a decade. I collaborate with non-profits, small businesses, and writers who care about the effect their words have on the world. 

My years as an in-house fundraising writer give me an edge with proposals, case statements, and impact reports. But I also have experience writing and editing articles, speeches, blog posts, manuscripts, and the occasional eulogy. I'm such a nerd about words that I have both a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and a Certificate in Editing.


If you are a content creator who thinks deeply before you hit “publish,” a nonprofit committed to working alongside the people you serve, or a small business that’s making your community more interesting, I want to work with you.

Lauren Bentley, Wordsmith

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